Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cinque Terre

Photos by Katia Perales

Better late than never!
I went to Cinque Terre within my first week of being in Italy with my lovely cousin Katia and her husband Alfonso. It is absolutely beautiful! It was really too bad that I couldn't be there for more than a day but I managed to enjoy it just the same.

It has been a little difficult having photo shoots since all I have as a photographic device is my iPhone (my cousin took these with her camera) and my first days in Italy I didn't even have my luggage with me (it got lost, of course). However perhaps now that I've settled in my apartment and will start a normal school-work-travel routine I'll be able to post more pictures.

For now here are the beautiful pictures from this lovely part of Italy. The background is really what makes this post amazing ;)

Thanks for reading!!!

Baci e saluti da Bologna ❤
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  2. Lovely post! I am super jealous.. this looks like a beautiful place!

  3. I LOVE Cinque Terre! I was there last summer and would really love to be there again now! Mmmmm, gelato, sunshine, and the sound of the waves!
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